September 2012

It is with great sadness that the Trustees have to announce that Cherry D will close at the end of December 2013.

We have had a wonderful and influential 12 years working with some of the most in-need people and organisations in Bristol. During that time we have met hundreds of dedicated and passionate Bristolians who continue to make a real difference to the life of the city. The experience has been enormously rewarding, challenging, exciting and joyful. We have:

  • Worked closely with over 50 charities
  • raised over £500,000 for the charities we supported
  • saved 4 charities from closing
  • helped over 8000 in-need people who rely on the charities we helped.

Despite huge support from hundreds of people, and having succeeded in helping to source sustainable income streams for so many other charities, it has been devastating to accept that we are now unable to do so for ourselves. We explored every different possible way to source funding and even investigated a potential merger. Sadly, this has not proved possible.

We wish to thank everyone who has supported the work of Cherry D: These include our hugely loyal team of volunteers, donors, trusts, businesses, patrons, staff and the supporters who have run, biked, baked and so on to raise funds to support our work . We would particularly like to thank Amanda Boyd-McLaughlin who has been the heart and soul of Cherry D for the last 6 years.

We are no longer accepting donations and have planned our remaining finances so that we can finish the projects we are currently working on, wrapping everything up by the end of the year.

We have pioneered a unique, effective model that has started influencing the way other support organisations operate. We will be leaving the charities we have supported in good stead in these difficult times.

We are proud to have worked with you all over the last 12 years, and hope that you continue to support the efforts of the dedicated people running community charities making a better Bristol for the future.

Ken and Illona Aylmer